2022 ・ LOUIS VUITTON (Louis Vuitton) Wallet Total Catalog!

Although it is a basic but stylish design ♡ Louis Vuitton wallet that fits into a variety of clothes and scenes used! If you are looking for a wallet that shines in genuine orientation, please check it out ♪ metal gold gold gold. Material embossed leather grain skin growing calfskin It is a slightly glossy material. (Commonly 슬롯머신 known as Caviar Skin Caviar Caving Material) Size 7.5 × 12 × 2.5 cm2022-2022 Fall / Winter Collection 2022-2022AW Limited BOY Chanel Boy Channel Small Wallet Mini Wallet Milky Wallet With a folded coin case with a three-fold coin case. Model’s very compact wallet, nano wallet, it is [Collaboration of popular brands ☆] Gucci x Balenciaga Wallet Hacker Project Mini Wallet Product Specifications Brand Model No. 681704UQOAT 8969 Beige & Ebony GG Sprem Canvas Hacker Project Vis Course Lining Inside: Card Slot X 3, Boarding x 1 Outside: Flap -Pocket, Flat Pocket Snap Button Clorge Open: Width about 18 x Height about 6.5 cm

Saint Laurent Wallet Copy ☆ Rive Gauche Baikara -Long Wallet 414680B68FN 4266

[Color] outer dark navy (color name Medium Blue), Inside Royal Blue Baikara

Silver metal

[Part number] 414680B68FN 4266

[Material] Grain calf

[Dimension] Approximately 19.5cm x 10cm x 2cm

[Specifications] Fudme X2, coin purse X1, card case X12, pocket ⅹ2

[Accessories] Cosmetic box

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Antique whiskey glass, it’s not easy. Germany has been a super minor in Germany in recent years.

There is still good to enjoy straight, but there is no rock glass.

Rock glasses may be new and good. For example, Baccarat.

Certainly there is Baccarat. good.

But the weight, the thinning of the drinking mouth, not perfect.

I like the glass I found in Kudan Hanada and the glass that can be used for rock, but it is light. Light is not negative, but it is preferable to Baccarat.

It may be in the UK, but she doesn’t know if the drinking mouth and weight are good (such as a glass from the box)

This glass was found next to V & BOCH, Berlin Ginza Kudam Kempinsky Hotel (now Bristol). In the early 80s.

🍺。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。. It may be because it was expensive in Japan. I enjoyed 슬롯나라 the two -digit single malt.

I guess, the single malt is straight+chaser.

It was rare to drink with ice, but some people like it, and some of them are delicious to drink with rock. The JD single barrel I like now, or the Ira 92proof 46 ° in the photo is not a blend, but the lock is delicious.

I like Baccarat, Sugahara, and Mr. Hanada, but …

I drank whiskey for 30 years with this V & B glass, but I would have paid a good glass that I chose for my 20s.

I had a good hobby (laughs)

I will continue to her main blog later with photos.

There are four glasses.

If I use it as a migration, I can just do it.

Please contact me if you are worried.

For Baccarat, tens of thousands of yen, the best balanced crystal lock glass to enjoy whiskey, I will choose this.

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