AMD announces Radeon’s operation demonstration of “RDNA 3 architecture” and announces the official announcement in late 2022 (ITMEDIA PC USER)

As previously reported, AMD announced on August 29 (US Pacific summer time) a high -end model of the Ryzen 7000 Series for the latest desktop PC. [Image] At the end of the presentation of the operation demonstration that was first shown, Lisa Sueo was the first GPU (graphics card) operation demonstration that uses “RDNA 3 크레이지슬롯 architecture”. The GPU, which adopts the architecture, will be announced in late 2022. According to Sueo, GPUs based on RDNA 3 architectures, which use a 5nm process, have improved more than 1.5 times the performance per power consumption compared to the current RDNA 2 architecture. It seems that the performance of “really wonderful” seems to show its original territory when combined with the Ryzen 7000 series, and it will realize smooth drawing with 4K resolution (3840 x 2160 pixels). However, no more details were disclosed. I want to look forward to the follow -up.

I guess there is no one who breaks the throttle trigger. ww

She asked if she would be able to repair it by ordering parts because she was about 5,000 yen for about 5,000 yen and would not be able to repair it.

She is only a trigger and she costs 1900 yen, but she needs to break down the fine parts, so she may be a little difficult.

For trigger units 5500 yen, he replaces the unit, so she just ordered her unit because she was only two screws and he just had to insert a connector.

Thank you for your quick response.

She really feels like she’s just inserting a connector. She keeps her re -adjustment calibration, such as her neutral high point, just in case. The trigger is adjusted in the order of her neutral ➡️ full brake ➡️Yes.

It’s a 온라인바카라 weekend event. ww

She was safe in the part that she could heal.

With this, she can’t be blamed for her, even if she turns the wall.

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