“I used it at the net casino! ! No, “I’m just pool to overseas online casinos!” ! ]

Abu -cho, Yamaguchi Prefecture, was incorrectly transferred to a bank account of a man (24) in the town by incorrectly transferred 46.3 million yen as a benefit for new colonovirus measures, and the male agent lawyer was a male lawyer on the 17th. He said, “I used it in several overseas internet casinos (paymented benefits).”

Mayor Norihiko Hanada said on this day, in response to the interviews with the press, he said, “I would like to hear in the trial,” including whether it was used in an online casino.

On the 12th, the town sued the Yamaguchi District Court Hagi Branch on Tuesday for a return. A lawyer said at a press conference on Tuesday that it was “difficult to return.”

In the first place, the “flow of gold” is “digital environment” in the “digital environment”, and conversely speaking, “analog”, that is, “cash” and “full amount of cash” and the real thing in the racetrack. “Directly ballot paper” “” I don’t know “it’s true or lie”.

Well, there is an “exception” of it (that is, digital), which is a “frame” called “overseas digital”.

The above -mentioned online casino payment method can be “bank account payment”, so it can be directly linked to the electronic payment service and collaborate with accounts, so you can follow “gold in and out” as “properly payment”. world.

However, I used to do bitcoin before, but I can “pool” the “amount to purchase” on the “encryption account exchange” of Bitcoin from the account, so I say “I used it up with an online casino”. Is it “actually used”? Or is it just “pooled”? That’s why I think the “trick” this time is “Is this this?”

Conversely, if you can’t return it, if you are “criminal complaints”, you will have a high probability of being sentenced to imprisonment. Of course, if you are arrested, your real name will be exposed on TV “. As a result, “parents have to quit their jobs”, and “if they have siblings”, “divorce, etc.” may occur, such as the collapse of the perpetrator’s family. But, there is no reason to use “tax” to use up online casinos! ! I think the risk is too much.

No matter how much “idiot”, you’ll think of “this much result”, so there is no “useless” online casinos “, so if there is,” just pools online ” If “online casinos are” overseas “”, “disclosure requests” are often “not possible”, so why are they just “online casinos”? I think

However, it is “Takaha’s 40 million yen” and “this is 코인카지노 the” topic “in imprisonment and” this is the only “our tax”, and the “in the worst situation” is “certainly” sentenced to imprisonment “. However, on the other hand, I don’t think that the “nerves that do this” are “40 million yen” for the “end of the perpetrator family”.

I don’t think it’s a “mystery” content, but “Mass media every day” has “reported” this content, and there will be something else! ! Well, I think, “Drowned dogs (weak ordinary people) hit.” On the other hand, “(strong) Jimin seal” is “ass licking” and “reported” and “rotten” by “vested interests”. I wonder if it is the result “today”! !

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