“” Kinn Porsche “EP12 Main Story”

By the way, it is the main story. Kinn and Porsche are already safe …

However, there is a reality that is not straightforward, and Kinn, who is trying to get over with love, was really cool.


Porchay is a university interview.

I had her brother send me and said that I was nervous but I would do my best … After my brother returned, he thrown his documents in the trash and did not receive an interview.

Kim made her heart slurp, and pure him is full of wounds now … Chay should have understood his brother’s feelings. Will you break his brother’s dream?

I’m worried about his Kinn, who did not notice such a younger brother’s shaking feeling, and heard that Porsche went out without an escort.

“I don’t forgive cheating.”

Hijits of BIG’s seat, eavesdropping on Kinn … Porsche, I did such a binding guy. Well, I did a playboy.

But it was different from what Porsche imagined. Kinn met a dark casino boss that Porsche’s uncle borrowed by gambling.

“I broke my bones to make Porsche work at the head family, help me.”

Something is connected where Porsche doesn’t know.

Porsche asks his kinn.

“Those who love each other will never lie to the other person.”

It wasn’t a coincidence that Porsche became his kinn BD. But he didn’t even know Kinn at first. I just followed his father.

Kinn tries to touch Porsche, but is clearly rejected.

Porsche is always clean. Kinn is more upset. Kinn said that Porsche would find everything he wanted to know. He loves him, so Porsche believed he believed in Kinn’s “promise.”

Two people to Papabos.

It was Papabosu’s friend who caused Porsche’s parents died. I erased the incident for my friend, but later learned of the two young sons and Kinn wanted to welcome BD. He accepted it to destroy it … now you can understand this. But in fact, more secrets …

Porsche took Chay and returned to his house.

Chay who doesn’t ask anything. I hope his brother is happy and calm. Do he still don’t know Porsche that he didn’t take an interview exam?

He is in this house with Kinn. Of course, Chay goes to the room.

Love love using the product

This is more inconvenient than the head family, but for Kinn, his place where his Porsche is is where he is. He is happy with him ~ Love Love Yan ✖️1000💓

Prepare for meals with a double couple.

It is divided into offensive and ethn -chan.

“I’m glad Kinn was happy. He’s for you. He’s a type of loving one.”

Tay looks a bit enviable, saying to her porsche. TAY’s lover Time is cheating, and Tay has been crying many times.

“The world is tough. I’ll hold my hands firmly.”

TAY and Tay and she watching her kinn fight like a child, Porsche is like a mother ← Hey

I’m curious about Time Tay. I want to see the spin -off ❗️

Even though I started eating and started eating, Papabos visited the two.

To teach porsche where the friend who had an accident occurred.

“Don’t like your favorite”

Daddy is now under the line. Porsche, along with her Kinn, heads for his parents.

Porsche was willing to kill the opponent.

“Did you decide? Shall we go with you?”

Even 바카라카지노 though Kinn said so, Porsche did not answer and tried to leave the car alone. But he sees.

A girl like a grandchild rushes to a man, a cute and friendly state …

There is also a loved family in the hated enemy.

If you see such a figure, you can’t kill it.

During this time, Porsche doesn’t speak a word. He expresses everything with facial expressions and fingers. It’s amazing.

“You made the right decision. Parents will be proud of it. Of course I am too.”

It was good that Kinn was on his side … crying, crying

That night, Kinn took her Porsche to the first place where they met.

She wants to reset the lie that started here is Kinn.

“Let’s start again from here. We have no lie anymore.”

It’s like her kinn who loves her Porsche straight.

“I’m her kinn. It’s the boss of the Mafia’s head family.”

“Can you be my bodyguard?”

Her porsche holding the hand that Kinn offered.

“I’m Porsche”

“You’re the one you love”

“And you are my loved one.”

(´ ༎ ོ ོ ρ ຶ ོ ོ `) Very Eecena, the best

By the way, it is such a happy Porsche brother Chay.

Kim learned that PORCHAY did not take an interview test at a school that she appeared after a long time. Chay dyed his hair in blue and was in a night bar with a bad companion.

He drinks unfamiliar alcohol and is about to reach dangerous medicine as he is invited.

Akan, stop! ! When he thinks, Kim comes from somewhere and recaptures Chay from the jumping kick! ️ Kim’s cool good thing that threatens people 💕

However, Kim, who was told by CHAY without interfering with himself, said that he would not be involved at all and left Chay and returned.

Why are you forcibly take me home?

At the end…

Porsche doesn’t know anything but it’s worm.

No, Honma, I’m scared …

Kinn, it’s delicious if you try it out …

Wow, big guy, I’m scared of Honma! ← Noisy

Kinn stood in the bathroom. After a while, a single man was next to him … it was an uncle who took over his parents who lost his parents.

He was taken care of when he was little, but he knew he was betrayed, but he didn’t want to meet Porsche. After seeing a rougher appearance than before, Porsche tried to leave from him.

“Did you give your body to the head family? But then, do you pay for it?”

Porsche asked why he came back now. Uncle who does not answer.

My uncle said, “Please tell me thank you to Korn.” Why does he know about the big boss of the head family?

“You’re a really stupid guy.”

His Korn appears together in his child’s family photo when Porsche was young.

“No one can trust the head family. If you want to know everything, let’s end with 5 million baht.”

Storm still blows in love love Kinn Porsche.


Kinn has become a slave of love, but after all it is relying on it, and above all she loves Porsche deeply, so it doesn’t shake. Papabos said “for two months” …

Well, it was still two months since that, so I was surprised at the winter dream.

The remaining two episodes, there is no swing in any storm, and in a sense, unlike the main cap that can be relieved, what happens?

I’m also worried about the secrets of my family who are finally revealed. ️

Isn’t this a novel product?

Write a blog after a long time

Every day has passed with two kittens.

It’s easy to get sick because it’s a kitten, and because it’s two, it’s hard to get rid of each other.

You have to take a drink, take eye drops, take care not to cool down, eat a lot, and wait for the resistance to be resistant.

I also recommend various measures to prevent escape from 핸드폰카지노 the house.

By the way, my son is going to school after a long summer vacation.

This is because the cultural festival, which has been held with a small small public in Corona, is finally held this year, but it was open to the public.

My son, who was always returning home immediately after leaving school, returned home every day after 18:00, so he seemed to be preparing properly.

And today I saw it at a glance

I immediately came across my son, so I waved my hand, but I went somewhere without saying anything.

Take care and go to my son’s class ghost mansion.

Since I was a third grader, I was able to make it firmly, I was surprised in the dark, and I was able to put it on a vehicle that I didn’t understand well, so I enjoyed it alone.

Last week was a high school school festival of high school, but there are many creative and impressive things such as theater and videos.

My son’s high school is a ghost mansion, shooting, casino? There are a lot of things like that, such as, and it’s just a festival …

Anyway, it was good that my son had a decent cultural festival in the last year.

Next week ❗️ It’s finally the expiration date of the common test, but I haven’t got anything from my son.

Is it alright~

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