“Melted Daio Paper Former Chairman Igawa’s Confession Complete Full Edition”

I challenged the whole life of Baccarat, which is dominated only by luck and accident

I got stuck at a casino and borrowed money from a group company subsidiary

The Daio Paper Group always had plenty of money at hand, using past bankruptcy as a lesson.

The total amount that I finally lost at the casino was 10.68 billion yen

3 million yen has become 700 million yen

I lost everything, and there is nothing to protect. I abandoned both the appearance and the outside, and my half -life up to this point

Social views that look relatively, plagmamatism (practical) concepts naturally were born.

The world is not decided by dualism

At the factory site, the safety management of employees is the most priority.

Paper companies have large -scale facilities, so they need specialized knowledge of equipment

At the age of 27, sales were thrown into a deficit with a deficit of 20 billion yen in deficit 7 billion yen in debt of 90 billion yen, but improved the management until the income and expenditure.

The biggest weakness of the paper production is that it is a device -type industry that requires a huge amount of capital investment.

Daio Paper has been transferred from P & G, and the domestic share of adult paper diapers ranked second.

I was convinced that if the business format was changed in accordance with the changes in the times, the Daio Paper could survive.

Daio Paper is 8000 groups

Many people have been interrogating from Daio Paper since they were arrested by the Tokyo District Public Prosecutor, but when I read the prosecution report, no employees were saying badly.

Daio Paper achieved a structural transformation due to the Lehman shock.

Business is the world of numbers, but one -on -one communication with employees

From the time I entered university, I was in a position to use the expenses of the Igawa family’s family companies and owned stocks.

1 million yen was changed to 20 million yen in the first casino

Rolex is like a securities

After being arrested by the Tokyo District Public Prosecutor, Diners and Amex members were suspended.

At the time of the resignation of the chairman, the debt of 4.75 million yen was repaid by cash and a repayment.

There is no excuse for having personalized a subsidiary, the chairman of the Representative Director, and borrowing a large amount of money

I’ve always been throwing my best to work as a manager, but I forgot the main thing as a crazy manager in gambling, and I was too weak and disqualified.

The Tokyo District Public Prosecutor’s Special Investigation Division was looking for a story that borrowing had donations to big politicians and profits to luxury bureaucrats. But there 바카라사이트/a> was no such fact. Because I used it at the casino

Prosecutors do not investigate gambling because the prosecutor is also doing mahjong

4 years in prison in prison in violation of the Corporate Law, which borrowed 5,530 million yen from a consolidated subsidiary of Daio Paper

There are 10 features of gambling addiction

Due to my huge borrowing case, the founder Igawa family was excluded from Daio Paper.

In 2012, the Igawa family sold all of the Daio Paper and all related companies to Hokuetsu Kishu Paper (all debt was repaid).

It is in Japan that there is no casino in developed countries

Takafumi Horie “There is no person who does not fail. Life can be over again.”

Burari maid cafe tour

・ As the diversification of maid cafes is progressing, I re -edited it because I wanted to talk about the concept shop.

・ It would be helpful if everyone could support (buy and support) good quality stores.

・ I would be glad if it could be helpful to determine the quality of quality with your eyes.

★ Please use it as a reference for [which city has safe shops in the city].

From there, the detailed information is given to other sites.

I think it’s innocent if the spoiler passes. To be honest, I want to get drunk, so I want to make public information ambiguous.

・ The name of the store without links is being added to the article sequentially.


From Asahikawa (Hokkaido) / Asahikawa Station

From Ankrest Tanukikoji (Sapporo) / Susukino Station

From Romeo Cross Julietta Tanukikoji (Sapporo), Susukino Station

From Antique Cafe Tanuki Koji (Sapporo) / Susukino Station

From Dolly Cafe Chocolat Tanuki Koji (Sapporo) / Susukino Station

From Susukino Station, Susukino Susukino (Sapporo) of sake and side dishes

From Shangri -La 2nd Susukino (Sapporo) / Susukino Station

From Petit Anju Susukino (Sapporo) / Susukino Station

From Susukino (Sapporo) / Susukino Station

From the different world Meidoka Fe ARIA Susukino (Sapporo) / Susukino Station

From Susukino Susukino (Sapporo) / Susukino Station

(Limited) Bus from Sapporo / Sapporo Station

Japanese -style maid cafe Tachibana Hana Chitose (Hokkaido) From Chitose Station

From Romishin Muroran (Hokkaido) / Higashi Muroran Station


From Anison Tavern Kokubunmachi (Sendai) / Hirose -dori Station

From Anikos BAR Caramel Kokubunmachi (Sendai) / Hirose -dori Station

From Kimono Cafe & Bar Shiratama Kokubunmachi (Sendai) / Hirose -dori Station

From Strawberry Kokubunmachi (Sendai) / Hirose -dori Station

From Nitengo Kokubu Town (Sendai) / Hirose -dori Station


・ Akihabara

Akibadi Spencing



Akihabara Backstage PASS

Honey & Bake

Rabbit La Birds Cafe

777 (Triple Seven)

Maidbar 메가슬롯 dogs

Akiba Connect

Feel Wanted!

Magical Girl Cafe Magical Lollipop

Live Cafe & Bar Cosmic Lab

Akihabara Park Cosmic Park

From sake and subculture Tank Yushima / Okachimachi Station

Pure Anison Karaoke Bar ☆ From Yushima / Okachimachi Station

From Raffles Curry Okachimachi Station

・ From Yushima Okachimachi Station

・ Ginza

・ From the east exit of Ikebukuro Station

Falancs (resumed) Fuji Plaza Building

・ Nakano All from Nakano Station north exit

Pinafoa Okae House Store from Itabashi Station

・ Yokohama (Kanagawa)

Bunshido Chaban Le Cafe Kannai Station

From Senzuribappay Kafu Shiri Station

Elf: From Fujisawa Station

From Nyanko Maid Cafe & Bar Shari Utsunomiya East Exit Station

From Rabi Rinse Maebashi Central Station

From Anime & Anison Bar Palet Chiba Station

From Quad Shocola Chiba Station


・ Osu (Nagoya)

From Secret Chamber Tsurumai Park Station

From Honey Field Uesaizu Station

From Escaflorer Osu Kannon Station

From Nekai Station in Sanchome

Memei Doname Station Store

Bus from Maid Cafe & Bar Gravite Hamamatsu Station

Shooting Bar GCODE From Hamamatsu Station

From Anison DINING & BAR Toranpo Higashi Umeda Station





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