The new “CBR250RR” appears with the latest strongest specifications as expected! Release in Indonesia! (Kentaro Sagawa) -Persion

The new “CBR250RR”, which is a hot topic in Japan, has finally been launched in Indonesia.

I want to approach the real image of New Machine while picking up information from the local site.

Inherit the “total control” that the CBR series has aimed for

The CBR250RR, which was developed as the ultimate next -generation light weight super sport, was developed with the aim of fully harmony of power and piloting balance. The rider has been integrated with a car, aiming to maximize the performance of the machine with intuitive operation and enjoy riding.

This is the concept “Total Control” that the successive CBR series has penetrated from the first generation.

39 Classes approaching horsepower The strongest power

The engine is a six -speed mission on the next generation of water -cooled parallel 2 -cylinder DOHC4 valves, and the lightweight and compact engine design is poured in the development of the MotoGP machine RC213V.

In order to demonstrate powerful power from low and medium -speed torque to high rotation, a downlaft type intake that enhances the high compression ratio of 11.5 and inhalation efficiency. You can handle the power at will with the electronic control slot by wire.

The bore stroke ratio of the engine is 62.0 x 41.4 mm, which is more short stroke compared to the YZF-R25, which is directly seen as a rival. The maximum output to be worrisome is 28.5 kW (38.7ps) / 12,500 RPM, maximum torque 23.3 nm (2.4 kgf.m) / 11,000 rpm, as expected.

(YZF-R25 is 27kW (36ps)/12,000R/RPM, maximum torque/23nm (2.3 kgf.m)/10,000 rpm)

The exhaust notebook is also elaborate tone of the muffler internal structure so that you can enjoy from a torque low middle speed sound to a racer -like high -frequency sound.

In addition, it has a riding mode, and has been equipped with an electronic control like an advanced model, such as three stages of “Comfort, Standard, and Sports” by situation.

■ Official CM video that allows you to hear exhaust sounds

Adopt Pro Link suspension for inverted fork

In the development of the frame, there was no blur in the rider -centered concept, and the aim 바카라 was to be able to manipulate freely with their own will. The library is also designed to focus on riding and easily shift weight when cornering.

In order to enable these, the body of the truss -shaped steel steel pipe frame, which balances toughness and flexibility, incorporates a prelimen -type rear suspension with a 5 -step preload adjustment mechanism, and incorporates an aluminum forged swing arm. The weight of the spring has been reduced, such as adopting it.

The brakes are made of Nissin, the front uses dual piston and the rear is a single piston wave disk, which provides safe and reliable braking power and control.

The tires use the front 110/70-17, the rear 140/70-17 size tubeless type.

Speed ​​Shape design on full LED

I was particular about the design but also the design. It is an expression full of speed to accelerate excitement even from all angles, and “Speed ​​Shape” is the ultimate design concept of the new CBR250RR. The equipment is also luxurious.

The headlight is a dual LED combination type with two tiers up and down, and uses a smart new design along with the full LED taillight. The full digital meter with a lap timer also creates a futuristic and stylish atmosphere.

The local price is 550,000 yen!? The price in Japan you are worried about is …

By the way, the body size is 2,060 x total width 724 x total height 1,098 mm and the wheelbase is 1,389 mm, which is almost the same as the YZF-R25, which is directly seen as a rival. The seat height is 790 mm, the vehicle weight is 168 kg (ABS), 165 kg (STD), and a tank capacity of 14.5 liters is almost the same.

The price you care about is about 550,000 yen (no ABS) at the local price, which is about the same as R25. What will happen to the price setting in Japan?

As it is the latest type, the CBR250RR is the appearance of the current 250cc sports and high -spec high spec and the latest equipment. In the circuit scene, it will show off the specifications of the 250cc class held at the local championships and the motto capacity. I’m looking forward to the confrontation with the prior rivals.

2016 MOTOGP champion Marc Marquez also rides CBR250RR.

Please refer to it because the impression is released!

■ All New CBR250RR DEMO RIDING by Marc Marquez at SentUL CIRCUIT 2016

Source: Webike Bike News

You have to leave when you can leave.

I decided to go to Hong Kong once every year

I can’t go to Hong Kong every year because there is a good thing.

I’m already worried.

So I urgently decided to travel to Hong Kong and Macau.

The trip with my cousin’s family for 5 nights and 6 days

I finished a good trip so much.

When will you travel with Hong Kong once

I sang at a drink every time.

Now, the start of 6 days of journey

I am leaving for Macau.

Come to my Instagram.

FlyingHoya Instagram

I urgently find out the ticket …

The price is expensive ㅜㅜ

I boarded a red eye flight that I didn’t want to ride.

Air Busan is on the Hong Kong out schedule.

I think Air Busan is good among low -cost airlines.

There are also pitches and meals in the seats.

#Spicy ribs fried rice

It is not so spicy and the smell of paper

I said it was Nan, but it was a flight I boarded after drinking a cup of coffee

I ate it deliciously.

Not a personal monitor

Which of the air is flying over

I am satisfied with the arrival time

Macau arrived 20 minutes ago

I can see Hong Kong International Airport.

I’m looking for and looking good.

The world geography Korean geography was a little good.

The airport is Taipara’s gorgeous hotels

I can see it in front of you.

But as the flights arriving overlap

It was the worst of immigration.

Small Macau International Airport

There are many people who are homeless airports.

Welcome to Macau

#Wynn palace

Newly built hotel on Taipa

Win Palace

I was so curious that the theme of the hotel was a flower

The fountain show was also huge, so I ran on one step.

I was late for a while because it was late evening

Jeff Kuns’ work giant tulip

Catch your eyes.

And I fall into the fragrance of the entire hotel.

The next day at the hotel, Venetian Hotel

Next to it, Four Seasons and Parisian Hotels

And to the studio hotel

It’s really a huge hotel complex.

Whether this is Venice or Paris hahaha

#Grand Lis Boa Hotel

I am most impressed by Macau.

A unique shape hotel

It’s amazing to see.

It’s very gorgeous at night.

#Senado Square

Egg tarts are also famous here.

Even before the opening, people were waiting.


When I first came to Macau, I ate deliciously

My taste has changed … I was so sorry.

I left the giant.

#Service Dominique Cathedral

#St. Paul’s cathedral

Even in the morning

There are so many people.

I must stop here.

#Monte fortress

St. Paul is right next to the cathedral.

The view of Macau is pretty.

You are exercising

Even people who do not know gather together

He worked together.

I wanted to join, but … I was not courageous.

If you look at this, it seems to be in Europe.

I’m in green these days

It was 킹덤슬롯 so pretty.

It’s like a goblin house hahahaha

St. Paul, the side of the cathedral,

I think it’s good to stop by.

This time Macau is without a plan

I just walked. I look around every corner.

I take a lot of pictures.

It was the location of the thief, but I didn’t know it

Sena was also near the square.

The street name is Felicida.

I also stop by the employees full of scented employees

Visit too sensual interior shops

I went back and forth by taxi

Hotel free shuttle ride back and forth

Tangerine and envelopes at every building entrance

Galaxy Hotel’s Diamond Show

Macau is fun with a hotel tour alone.

Everyone is characteristic and cool.

Last year I stayed at JW Marriott.

This time, it is a trip alone

I stayed at a little cheaper 5 star.

For lunch, I came to eat at the Venetian Hotel.

#Lei garden

Michelin One Star

Although in Hong Kong, Ray Garden in Venice

Visit because you can eat without reservation

Ray Garden’s signature menu

Crispy fork.

When I first came to eat, I was disappointed because it was too small

The taste is good. The outside is crispy and the flesh is soft

There is also a dim sum menu for lunch, so it also has a fork dumpling.

Lime soda and jasmine cars are also together

#The Landmark Macau

I think it’s good for the price

A hotel that was too high to use it alone

Typha’s ridiculous hotel

It’s not comparable.

The lobby of the hotel from the second floor

# guest room


We use Roxy land products.


The bathtub and the shower are separated.

It’s pretty.

Black, gold and white

#Indoor swimming pool

There is no outdoor pool.

Taking this photo and occupied by Chinese groups

I used a sauna rather than a swimming pool.

ㅎㅎㅎ Great.

Chinese tourists were chartered.

Fondue set included in the hotel package.

I have two drinks, but I’m alone …..

The taste was better than the fondue that I had tasted in Switzerland.

Macau is also cool at night.

Go to Win Palace to see the fountain show.

At Win Hotel on Macau Peninsula

Win Palace on Taipa Island

It’s nice to have a free shuttle bus.

Opposite the landmark hotel I stayed

Star World Hotel and Win Hotel are located.

Go to Taipa Island.

Jeff Kuns’ giant tulip meets again

83000 rotary horses made of flame

The fragrance really melts.

Great. really.

Where is it here?

Starbucks right away

It’s not comparable to the Palace Starbucks seen in Dubai

Still, Chinese Starbucks is pretty.

The space is not very spacious.

Now you have to look at the fountain show.

Let’s wait.

#Win Palace Fountain Show

Start with my favorite Katy Perry Roar

It was really cool. Like watching Dubai Fountain Show

I fell in love with the fountain that went up high.

Win Palace Circulating Sky Cap

It’s free to go to the hotel from the outside

Ride from the hotel to come to the outside

I watched the fountain show for free

Go inside the hotel.

awesome. Skycap is also fun.

I was a little scared of the breaking part.

There is a good circular bus between hotels

Go from Win Palace to Venice Hotel

Here, the famous egg tart house on Coloan Island

There is a road stow.

The store in the Canal Shop had a long line

It was quiet here.

I bought one too.

Next is the Parisian Hotel

The scale is huge.

There are many shoes that are hard to find in the shopping mall

My eyes went back.

It was like Rafayette department store in Paris

This fountain is in the Concord Square in Paris

It’s the same. The devil also appeared in Prada.

The Eiffel Tower in front of the Parisian Hotel.

And reminiscent of the Champs Elyse

The roadside trees are also square

Hotel tour and wandering around

Arrive at the hotel at 11 pm

The minibar was free.

There aren’t many things, 2 cans of 2 cans of water 2 cans 2 cans

It’s good to be free.

The next morning

The road to breakfast

It’s uncomfortable to change the Ellerbate.

Before that, in Lisboa Hotel

I came to buy Lucky cookies

I bought a small size …

I only sold a big size.

I gave up because of the baggage.

The breakfast buffet was cheap.

It’s a package, not breakfast.

The breakfast buffet was about $ 98 including taxes.

What I ate was a fairy.

Honestly, there aren’t many

The price is fine.

It’s a small Xiaomai. hehe

In the morning of China, white porridge and Youtiao.

Bye. Macau

Now I go to my favorite Hong Kong.

You should also meet your cousin’s family. hehe

I use turbojet.

It would be nice if the Gangju Ao Bridge was completed quickly.

The construction was still in progress.

You can go to Macau in Hong Kong by car.

Great. I’m so excited.

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