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July 2013

It is a walk in the city of Las Vegas in July, but it is hot! The whole city is a theme park, so what’s real and what is the crop … Most of the 크레이지슬롯 hotels and casinos from the manhattan’s skyscraper, Brooklyn Bridge to the Eiffel Tower, Batman is in the corner of the sidewalk, but it fits poorly. Silk de, a global trendy, is charged for a shooting fee. There is also a Soleil theater, you can see the back side of the MGM Grand on the back road, but it is a disappointing landscape, almost everything is downtown!

American stocks that easily gland

I didn’t know this stock-eating out, casino, outdoor

Episode 22 I didn’t know this stock-eating out, casino, outdoor current posts

I didn’t know this stock-special professional business

This article is not an induction of a specific stock investment recommendation. Investors are responsible for investors.

Recently, the heat of US stock investment is hot. If you go to a cafe or restaurant, you can see a lot of talk about famous stocks such as Tesla, Palantier, and Apple at the table next to it. If you hear, “Kim Dae -ri, the next department, bought OO stocks,” he said.

So for readers who subscribe to my brunch, I would like to summarize the stocks hidden in each industry with ‘I didn’t know this stock.’ It takes a long time to tear and analyze hundreds of companies one by one, so I would like to summarize the website and charts of each company.


A good site for finding stocks in similar industries is a lot of websites called Market Chameleon. If you search for stocks such as TSLA (Tesla) and K (Kellog), which are commonly known in the link above, you can check the market cap, price, one month, six months, and one -year return.

The criteria for listing stocks are aligned in the order of the first stock, high-low. In addition, you can use the market chameleon website so you can easily find stocks that fit your own propensity.

1. Biglari Holdings INC Class A (Tiker: BH.A)

Biglari Holdings is a 온라인카지노 company that does a variety of businesses, including Maxim, an adult magazine. In the dining area, Steak N Shake Inc. and Western Sizzlin Corporation are in operation.

2. Cracker Barrel (Tiker: CBRL)

It is a company that sells southern home meals in the United States. This is a list of my interests. Breakfast sells juices, eggs, pancakes, grills, and various biscuits, and sells country ham, chicken, dumplings, chicken fried chicken and meat rope for lunch and dinner.

3. Wingstop (Tiker: Wing)

It is a company that reminds us of GME. It is a company that I recommend that analysts are one of the companies that will grow significantly. Mango Habanero, Cajun, Original Hot, Louisiana Lob, Mild, Hikori smoked BBQ, Lemon Pepper, and Garlic are sold.


It is a company that operates a strip club, a nightclub, an adult entertainment website and a BOMBShells restaurant.

5. Penn National Gaming (Tiker: PENN)

It is a traditional American company that operates 43 casinos and racetrack facilities in the United States and Canada.

6. Churchill Downs, Inc. (Tiker: CHDN)

Church Hill is a company that operates casinos, horse racing and online gambling businesses throughout the United States.

7. Johnson Outdoors (Tiker: JOUT)

It is a company that sells fishing, skin scuba, camping, and mountain equipment. Analysts have given a strong buying rating.

8. Planet Fitness (Tiker: PLNT)

Analysts also highly recommended this. It is a gym chain store located in the western and eastern United States.

Source: Planet Fitness, Johnson Outdoor, Church Hild Luck, Penne Nehony Gaming, Wings Top, RCI, Google, Naver

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